You might have noticed things look a little different around here, but I promise it's more than a new coat of paint.

Beneath the more modern design, Rambling Polymath is running on an entirely new platform called Ghost. That's right, after more than 10 years of blogging, I'm saying goodbye to Wordpress.

For those who aren't familiar, Ghost is an open source content management system designed specifically with publishers and content creators in mind. What's more, it's a modern platform built on the latest web standards. This not only makes it more secure, but downright zippy compared to Wordpress.

You might have noticed that load times — which were already painstakingly optimized in Wordpress — are now even faster.

Introducing Memberships

Rambling Polymath Subscription Model

Ghost also enables me to offer readers new kinds of content, while eliminating the need for intrusive ads or affiliate links. As a journalist and blogger, I've always had an unhappy relationship with both.

Starting today, I'm implementing free and paid memberships. Members will receive monthly newsletters, the ability to comment on posts, and early access to stories weeks before they go public.

Readers that want to support my work monetarily can opt for a paid subscription starting at $1 a month or $10 a year. With everyone moving to subscription models, I wanted to make it affordable for anyone to support my work.

For now, paid subscribers will receive access posts one week before regular members, monthly newsletters as well as bonus content like sample galleries and drafts.

More to come

There is still a lot of work to do, and over the next few weeks you might experience some odd behavior as I work out all the kinks. If you do run into trouble please send me a DM on Twitter

As the community grows, expect to see new incentives for paid members. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.