Thanksgiving is a holiday about more than stuffing yourself with turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. It's also about coming together around friends and family and giving thanks.

Sadly, this year will be yet another spent far from those people I hold dearest. It is not out of spite or political disagreements, but out of necessity and out of love.

The pandemic that has, for the better part of a year, ravaged my country, has found footing here. Humanity is a stubbornly social species. But, for the health and safety of my family, I must resist my baser instincts, keep my distance, and bide my time until a vaccine is widely available.

In the meantime, I have not forgotten what Thanksgiving is really about. In this post, I want to give thanks for my most dedicated photographic subjects. Without them, I don't know if I would have made it through this tumultuous year.

The following are a selection of photographs of my fiancé Shanice, and our indelible four-footed companions.


I can't thank my fiancé and parter of nearly 10 years, Shanice, enough for all that she's done to keep my passion for photography alive this year. She's a stunning, if often reluctant model, but maybe I'm a little biased in that regard.

Without her help, many of my photographic projects, including my film reviews, would have been impossible. And while photography certainly isn't her thing, she is quite capable on either end of the camera.


Toro is the newest addition to our family, but in a little over a year he has made his mark. We adopted the Amstaff, boxer, chihuahua? mix shortly after moving to Denver in 2019. There's some question as to his breed. We had him DNA tested and all we can say definitively is he's half Amstaff and some mix of guard, hound and terrier.

Regardless, he's a loyal companion, who never barks and loved accompanying me to the office every day before the pandemic put an end to that.


Even at 2 years old, Gamgee is still very much a kitten at heart. He is always looking for an excuse to play, even with the dog. His outgoing personality makes him a great photographic subject. For this reason, he has made frequent appearances in my film reviews.


Our sweetest and most camera-shy kitty. Tigris is by far the most difficult animal in our household to capture. With her little brother, Gamgee, always looking for an excuse to play, Tigris' head is on a constant swivel, making it incredibly difficult to get a shot free of motion blur.

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